Pelatihan Generator AVR Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Generator AVR Operation Maintenance and TroubleshootingThis seminar is designed to provide the participants with the basic understanding about power generation & information relating to automatic voltage regulators.


1. Generator Operation
2. Generator Characteristic
3. How to choose Generator capacity
4. Calculating Generator capacity
5. Parallel Operation Generator
6. Generator Installation
7. AVR in Generator
8. Generator Trouble Shooting
9. Generator Problem Solving
10. AVR basic principles
11. AVR installation
12. AVR Operation
13. AVR tuning & operation in Generator
14. AVR troubleshooting in Generator
15. AVR problem solving


This course is targeted primarily at beginner engineers, supervisors and maintenance technicians with basic experience in the field of automatic voltage regulators.




Case Study



Instructor by : Tugino

Pelatihan Generator AVR Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
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