Training Controlling of Logistics Projects Costs and Improve Work Flow With Vendors

Controlling  of  logistics  projects,  is  a  subsystem  of enterprise controlling,  selected  next  to  controlling  sales, vendor, finance, marketing,  controlling production,  etc.  It  can  be described as a   support   system   for  management  of  logistics  project,  which  by coordinating  the  planning,  control,  collection and  processing of  information,  ensures  the  effective achievement of the objectives of the  project  logistics during logistics project life cycle. The other hand, searching  and  finding  vendor  that have competitive price is important. Vendor  management  should be considered a core business function that helps organizations control costs while optimizing performance. Vendor management involves a number of key activities and milestones that can have  large  impacts  on  the  business. Sourcing vendors can become a liability if not properly researched, planned, and executed.


1. Improve Controlling From The Planning Organizing Logistic Project
2. Arrangement New Vendor With Competitive Cost and High Quality
3. Apply  Best  Practices  in  Relationships  and  Vendor Performance


   Work Flow With Vendors
* Introduction
* Logistics Projects Definition
* Criteria of Classification and Types of Logistics Projects
* The Idea of Controlling
* Controlling of Logistics Project
* Tools of Controlling of Logistics Projects
* Fuzzy Decision Making System as a New Controlling Tool
* Establishing a Context for Vendor Management Within Procurement
* Establishing an Understanding of The Procurement Life Cycle
* Identifying Procurement Requirements in Projects
* Exploring Types of Commercial Relationships
* Evaluating, Selecting and Monitoring Vendor
* Understanding The Basics of a Contract
* Managing The Ongoing Contract
* Negotiating With Vendors
* Final Acceptance and Administrative Closure
* Study Case


   Case Study
Training Controlling of Logistics Projects Costs and Improve Work Flow With Vendors
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