Gas Measurement and Testing Training

Gas Measurement and TestingMeasurement consists of three major parts; metering, sampling, and analysis. Emphasis in this course will be on metering and sampling, with basic recommendations for the operation, calibration and design of gas chromatographs


* Basic Fluid and Gas Laws
* Introduction and Physical Properties
* Orifice Metering
* Ultrasonic Meters
* Turbine Meters
* Alternative Meters
* Electronic Gas Measurement
* Sampling Systems and Procedures
* Pipeline Specifications and Common Contaminants
* Calibration Systems and Procedures
* Chromatography Basics
* Gain Loss Overview
* Gas Testing


* Mechanical Engineers
* Process Engineers
* Chemical Engineers
* Instrumentation Engineers/Metering Engineers
* Production Engineers
* Reservoir Engineers
* Valve Technicians
* Measurement Superintendent
* Custody Technicians
* Design Engineers
* Hydrocarbon Accountant
* Regulators (Government Agencies)
* Metering System Suppliers




Case Study



Instructor by : I Nengah Diasta

Gas Measurement and Testing Training
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