Electrical Safety in Work Place Training

Electrical Safety in Work PlaceElectricity is an inherently dangerous but versatile source of energy. When it is utilized according to sound safety principles, personal injury and property damage can be effectively prevented. This section contains general information for the safe use of electricity.

The course provides you with working knowledge and best practices to help implement programs in the areas of electrical safety at workplaces.


After attending the course, participants should be able to:
* Understand the accountability for installation and maintenance of equipment are most at risk.
* Understand that Arc flash incidents, shock and electrical burns result in employee injury and stress, lost productivity, equipment damage and operational downtime.
* Know that a key component to a successful electrical safety program is to be aware of current best practices, standards and regulations.


* Industrial Safety/Electrical Shock
* Arc flash hazard protection
* Accident prevention
* Preventative electrical maintenance
* Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) and equipment for working around electrical hazards
* Lockout procedures
* High voltage procedures


* Occupational Health& Safety staffs
* Plant Maintenance Managers and Supervisors
* Electrical Contractors and Electricians
* Electrical Professionals in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors
* Anyone with responsibility for the safety of workers or contractors




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Electrical Safety in Work Place Training
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