Electrical Power System Protection Training

Electrical Power System ProtectionAfter completion this training participants will have gained a theoretical and applied understanding of power system protection. The performance of instrument transformers, transducers, protective relays, and circuit breakers is first addressed. These devices are then integrated into coordinated protective systems for generators, transformers, transmission lines, reactors, capacitor banks, system buses, etc.

Although basic protection concepts are hardware-independent, the application of electromagnetic, solid state, and microprocessor-based relays will also be discussed. Trade-offs between reliability, selectivity, speed, simplicity, and economy are emphasized. This training is designed to them who want to know on electrical power system protection.


1. Review

* System Protection Philosophies
* System Grounding
* Circuit Breakers
* Fuses

2. Relay Input Sources

* VTs
* CTs
* CVTs
* Optical voltage
* Current transducers

3. Fundamental Protection Concepts

* Time-inverse
* Differential
* Directional Impedance

4. Generator Protection

* Differential
* Negative Sequence
* Loss of Excitation
* Out of Step

5. Motor Protection

* Ground Fault
* Locked Rotor
* Undervoltage
* Phase Rotation

6. Bus, Reactor, Capacitor Bank Protection

7. Transformer Protection

* Differential
* Sudden Pressure
* Over Temperature
* Low Oil

8. Line Protection

* Directional Comparison
* Blocking
* Unblocking
* Transfer Trip

9. System Stability, Reclosing, and Load Shedding

10. Communications

* Pilot Wire
* Power Line Carrier
* Microwave
* Fiber Optics

11. Discussion and Cases Study




Case Study


Electrical Power System Protection Training
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