Pelatihan Electrical Maintenance : Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit

Electrical MaintenanceThis electrical plant maintenance training program builds on the Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits program. The program contains sections to describe how the electrical motor control circuit works as well as how to use the troubleshooting tools. The program evaluates the time and money spent to solve the fault and records all the steps performed to solve the fault.


1. Electrical Schematics

* Power and control circuits

2. Mapping Control Circuit – Ladder Diagrams

* Power Rails and Wire Colors
* Arrangements – Control Element, Load, Circuit
* Line and Wire Numbers
* Tag Names and Common Electrical Symbol Abbreviations

3. Logical Circuit

* AND – Series Circuit
* OR – Parallel Circuit
* Compound and Complex Circuits
* NOT Circuit

4. Basic Electrical Principles

* Power sources – Transformers
* Flow Of Electricity
* Switches – Allow Or Prohibit Current Flow
* Loads

5. Transformers

* Magnetism
* Induction
* Primary/Secondary
* Turn Ratio
* Grounded and Floating Ground

6. Disconnecting Devices and Symbology

* Knife Switch
* Disconnects
* Circuit Breakers

7. Control Elements, Switches and Symbology

* Relay Contacts – Normally Open, Normally Closed
* Solid-State, Timing, Overload Relays

8. Supplementary Contract Symbolys and Term

* Breaks, Poles, Throws
* Single Break, Double Break
* Single Pole, Double Pole
* Single Throw, Double Throw

9. Supplementary Contract Symbolys and Term

* Selector Switches
* Push Buttons
* Drum and Foot Switches

10. Automatic Switches

* Limit Switches
* Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Float Switches
* Motion Switces
* Proximity and Photo Switches

11. Troubleshooting Suggestions

* Measuring Ohms, Voltage and Current
* Open Faults and Shorts
* Using The Proper Tools and Meters
* Logical and Sequential Troubleshooting Methods
* Meter Categories and Types
* Safety and Precautions

12. Ground – Fault and Overload Protection

* Conductor Sizing
* Ground – Fault Protection Devices and sizing
* Motor Starter Sizing
* Motor Overload Protection Sizing
* Disconnect Sizing

13. Motor Overload Protection

* Thermal Overloads
* Bimetallic Overloads
* Magnetic Overloads
* Solid-State Overloads

14. Applications Specific Circuit

* Common Pumping Circuits
* Common Heating/Cooling Circuits

15. Safety Awarness

* Electrical Safety
* Lockout/Tagout Procedures
* Safe Work Practices
* Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)




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Pelatihan Electrical Maintenance : Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit
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