Electrical Equipment Maintenance Training


Electrical Equipment Maintenance1. Introduction to electrical equipment maintenance, testing and troubleshooting

* Why maintain and test
* Overview of electrical preventive maintenance and testing
* Planning an EPM program
* Overview of testing and troubleshooting methods
* Review of dielectric theory

2. Electrical safety, switching and precautions

* Introduction,
* Electrical fire emergencies,
* Effects of electrical shock,
* First aid,

3. Direct current voltage testing of electrical equipment

* Direct current voltage testing of insulation
* DC testing methods
* Transformer
* Cable and accessories
* Electrical switchgear and circuit breakers
* Motors and generators
* Evaluation of test data readings
* Precautions when making direct current test

4. Alternating current voltage testing methods

* Power factor and dissipation factor test methods
* Description of the power factor test equipment
* Basic test connections (test modes) for PF testing
* Safety precautions with PF testing
* PF testing of electrical apparatus insulation

5. Maintenance of electrical equipment

* Preventive maintenance of transformer
* Transformer testing
* Maintenance of cables
* Cable failures and their analysis
* Electrical switchgear maintenance and care
* Infrared inspection of electrical equipment
* Motor and generator maintenance
* Testing of motor and generator


* Electric Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent
* Power Plant Maintenance Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent
* Power Plant Operation Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent
* Everybody or professional who wants to broaden knowledge or gain Benefit from this course




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Electrical Equipment Maintenance Training
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