Effective Communication skill Training


Effective Communication skill* Communicate with greater confidence
* Control how you are communicating
* Develop more fruitful relationships.


* Learn strategies for communicating your message clearly
* Understand the different communication styles and learn how to adapt to others
* Receive feedback on your communication approach.


A. Communicating with impact

1. Understanding the nature of communication
2. Communicating a positive image
3. Creating clear messages

B. Communication styles

1. Understanding your communication style
2. Recognising different communication styles
3. Communicating effectively with others

C. Barriers to communication

1. Identifying common barriers
2. Overcoming communication barriers
3. Responding to people under pressure

D. Listening

1. Active listening
2. Being empathetic
3. Clarifying information

E. You and your voice

1. Elements of the voice
2. Volume, pace, pausing and emphasis


* Presentation
* Discussion
* Case Study
* Evaluation


Instructor by: Dr. Drs. H. Fauzan Asmara, MM

Effective Communication skill Training
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