Pelatihan Cycle Time Reduction for Higher Profits and Productivity

Cycle Time Reduction for Higher Profits and ProductivityEffective management and control now stands at the core of every successful organization as they strive to increase productivity and profitability in the new era where terms such as globalisation and open markets are common. But what kind of techniques are going to be helpful and in what direction? Operationally at least, ideas such as cycle time, line balancing, and work measurement have been proven to be successful if applied correctly. Cycle time reduction would lead to cost reduction in the areas of labour, overtime, WIP, space, even frustration, to mention a few. This course aims to equip not just the knowledge but the practicality of improving productivity and profit using cycle time.


  • Cycle Time Reduction Concepts
  • How to Spot and Calculate Cycle Time
  • Cycle Time as a Control Point in Handling and Managing
  • Line Balancing
  • Machine Interference
  • Cycle Time Goals
  • What Drives Productivity
  • Types of Production



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Pelatihan Cycle Time Reduction for Higher Profits and Productivity
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