Pelatihan Corrosion Control and Protection Technology


Instructor by : Sugeng Isdwiyanudi




A. Preliminary

* Corrosion and cost created
* Human factor to corrosion

B. Types of Corrosion

* Aqueous corrosion
* Atmospheric corrosion
* Water corrosion
* Sea water corrosion
* Soil corrosion
* Concrete corrosion
* Microbiology corrosion
* High temperature corrosion
* Galvanic corrosion
* Stress corrosion

C. Failure Caused by Corrosion

* Failure modus
* Investigation method of failure caused by corrosion
* Failure prevention caused by corrosion

D. Maintenance by Inspection and Monitoring

* Inspection method
* Non destructive inspection (NDI)
* Smart sensing
* Maintenance revolution
* Monitoring and maintenance management

E. Modeling, Life Time Prediction, and Computer – Application

* Modeling and life time prediction
* Artificial intelligence use
* Computer-base training and coaching

F. Corrosion Protection Method

* Surface coating
* Coating method
* Surface preparation
* Inhibitor injection
* Inhibitor classification
* Inhibitor protection mechanism
* Inhibitor selection method
* Catholic protection
* Sacrificial anode
* Impressed current
* Underground piping cathode protection
* Anode protection


* Engineer and technologist in any discipline who wish to obtain a basic knowledge of his important subject
* Managers, supervisors, sales and field personnel with scientific background in the construction, oil & gas, petrochemical, marine or any other industrial who wish to broaden their general corrosion knowledge
* Maintenance engineers, supervisor, and production operation staff who involved in the field and plat operation
* Everybody who wants to take benefits from this course





Case Study


Pelatihan Corrosion Control and Protection Technology
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