Pelatihan Digital Protection Relay (Sepam)

Digital Protective Relay (Sepam)Good Protection system coordination of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy systems is very important aspects. These are the reliability of energy delivery to meet customers’ demands and safe operation. To achieve these goals, protection schemes are to be employed. The philosophy adopted in any protection scheme is to clear faults with a minimum system disruption, at a high speed, and in a simple and economical way. The course deals with different types of protection schemes used in large networks and those adopted in industrial plants. It describes some of the important components such as relays, comparators and other protective gears, and techniques and calculations used for their settings. The course also reflects on recent development and what are new in this important field of electricity industry protection system.

The Sepam range of protection relays is designed for operating machines, the electrical distribution networks of industrial installations, and utility substations at all levels of voltage. The Sepam family includes: Sepam Series 20,  Sepam Series
40, Sepam Series 80. The user can add optional modules to Sepam at any time for increased functionality. This gives Sepam exceptional versatility, adapting to as many situations as possible, and allowing for future installation upgrade


1. The concept and philosophy on power system protection.
2. Apply and adapt applications of mathematics, engineering in the fault analysis
3. Comparison and interpretation of various protection schemes in the power system.
4. Integrate and justify techniques to be used in the planning and operation of power system protection.
5. Introduces new technologies used in relaying systems such as microprocessor and computer relaying which put organizations at the forefront of modern electricity industries
6. Solve technical problems for power system protection.


1. Fundamentals of Protection Practice and Basic Technology
2. Overview of protection systems and its development: Components of protection. Structure of protective relays, Trend of protection development.
3. Fault and transient in power systems: Fault transient behaviour of power system.
4. Current and voltage transducers: Requirement of transducers for measurement and protection.
5. Deferent kind of Protection; change electro mechanics relay to digital relay
6. Digital relay protection how to work; sensing and logic
7. Characteristic of Digital relay Vs electro mechanism
8. Advantage digital relay, implementation and Coordination
9. Protection systems for distribution networks: Protection criteria for distribution system. Features of directional and non-directional protection schemes for distribution system
10. Protection systems for transmission networks: Distance protection system and characteristics. Differential line protection. Phase comparison line protection. Use of line carrier and communication for protection systems.
11. Busbar, transformer and generator protection systems: High impedance and low impedance differential protection schemes. Protection schemes for busbar, transformer, and generator.
12. Digital protection relaying technique: Features of digital protection relay. Digital relay architecture. Digital relaying algorithms. Adaptive and intelligent relays.Recent development.
13. Digital relay protection communication bus (IEC standard 61850)
14. Sepam Technical Characteristics
15. Sepam Series Connection Diagram
16. Sepam Setup and Operating Software
17. Sepam Required Testing and Metering Equipment
18. Sepam Troubleshooting Assistance


Electrical engineers and Technical Staff who have to deal with the aspect of electrical and industrial power system protection, control and operation






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Pelatihan Digital Protection Relay (Sepam)
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