Pelatihan Essential Leadership Skills For Technical Professional

Essential Leadership Skills For Technical ProfessionalIn the oil and gas industry, skillful and competent leadership is extremely important for safety, productivity and asset management. The 21st century brings new emphasis on leaders, new communication technologies, increased focus on safety, information overload, workforce dynamics, asset integrity and many other concerns which challenge even the most proficient leader/manager. How do we blend these new challenges with tried and true wisdom of success? There are skills to learn that will help you be more effective, with less stress. In this seminar/workshop you will explore your internal drivers and learn how to combine them with new skills for greater effectiveness. This seminar/workshop will include self-assessment, discussion, lecture, readings, role-playing, games, video examples and creation of participant action plans. This course will help you unleash natural motivation in your team. Your stress level can be lowered by working more efficiently and effectively by tapping the emotional intelligence of your


1. Become a more effective leader by:

* Overcoming the “tyranny of the urgent” with better time management
* Becoming the leader you want to work for

2. Make better decisions by:

* Assessing when to make what kind of decisions
* Developing more options to choose from

3. Help others develop themselves by:

* Creating better individual development plans
* Unleashing their career motivation

4. Have more effective communications with technical and non-technical teams by:

* Learning to respond rather than react
* Developing the patience to let the team do its work

5. Recognize and resolve conflicts before they get out of control by:

* Early detection of conflicts, when they’re simpler and have less impact
* Developing skillful techniques for win-win outcomes

6. Develop the ability to lead an empowered team of technical professionals by:

* Knowing how to guide the team rather than force the team
* More effective delegation

7. Reduce your own stress level by:

* Recognizing how your stress affects others and your decisions, and doing something about it
* Teaching yourself how to lower your stress with clearer thinking

8. Learn assessment techniques for yours and other’s people skills by:

* Learning the differences between skill and competency
* Raising the competency levels of yourself and your team

9. Walk your talk by getting buy-in for your ideas and vision


* The nature of teams
* Leadership vs. Management
* Self-centering and tangential leadership
* Listening
* Motivation
* Group dynamics
* Conflict management
* Team-building
* Critical thinking and taking action


Anyone who has new responsibilities to lead a team. Supervisors, Team Leads, Managers and others interested in becoming a better leader and a contributing team member will greatly benefit from this one week experience. Many may want to take this seminar/workshop more than once for continuous improvement.




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Instructor by : Ayi Tejaningrum

Pelatihan Essential Leadership Skills For Technical Professional
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