Pelatihan Generator Motor Trafo and MV Protection


Generator Motor Trafo and MV Protection* It introduces the subject of protection as an art where technical and economical constraints are to be met and compromised to achieve certain engineering requirements.
* Learn to develop and manage well-protected plants that lead to a higher security, less outages and hence better profitability.
* The course introduces new technologies used in relaying systems such as microprocessor and computer relaying which put organizations at the forefront of modern electricity industries.
* Helps organizations in making appropriate decisions at times of system expansion or in situations where new developments become necessary.
* Help organizations to understand causes of system failures, means available for remedies and hence better system management and operation with minimum investment.


1. Review

* System protection philosophies
* System grounding
* Circuit breakers
* Fuses

2. Generator Protection

* Differential
* Negative sequence
* Loss of excitation
* Out of step, etc

3. Transformer protection

* Differential
* Sudden pressure
* Over temperature
* Low oil, etc

4. Relay input sources :

* VTs
* CTs
* CVTs
* Optical voltage and
* Current transducers

5. Fundamental protection

* Time-inverse
* Differential
* Directional impedance, etc

6. Motor protection

* Ground fault
* Locked rotor
* Undervoltage
* Phase rotation, etc

7. MV protection

* Directional comparison
* Blocking
* Unblocking
* Transfer trip, etc

8. System stability, reclosing, and load shedding




Case Study


Pelatihan Generator Motor Trafo and MV Protection
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