Pelatihan Gas Turbine : Operation and Maintenance

Gas Turbine : Operation and MaintenanceThe purpose of this course is to introduce personnel to the turbo machinery package, explain system functions and interface, introduce proper operation procedures, and acquaint the student with basic maintenance procedures.

At the conclusion of this course the student should have a basic understanding of turbine engine theory, be familiar with the Solar turbine package and its components, understand satisfactory operation of the package, and be aware of routine maintenance procedures.

This course does not prepare the student to accomplish advanced maintenance and troubleshooting functions. Solar turbine package are built to exacting specifications and more extensive training is required before a serviceman is qualified to perform major repairs and adjustments.


1. Introduction and General Description
2. Turbine Engine
3. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Start System
4. Air System
5. Gas Fuel System
6. Lube Oil System
7. The Gas Boost Compressor
8. Turbine Control System
9. Turbotronic System
10. Operating Procedures
11. Performance Analysis
12. Safety Requirement
13. Preventive Maintenance
14. Corrective Maintenance


* Maintenance Engineer/ Superintendent/ Supervisor
* Rotating Engineer/ Superintendent/Supervisor
* Power Plant Engineer/ Superintendent / Supervisor




Case Study



Instructor by : Teguh Pudji

Pelatihan Gas Turbine : Operation and Maintenance
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