Gas Lift Design And Operation Training


Gas Lift Design And Operation1. The Production System

* Reservoir inflow performance
* Vertical lift performance
* Pressure traverse
* Operating point
* Nodal analysis
* Justification for gas lift

2. Introduction to Gas Lift

* Principles of gas lift
* Overview of gas lift installations
* Introduction to gas lift valves
* Gas lift completions

3. Gas Lift Design: Positioning the Operating Valve

* System design/sensitivity analysis
* Gas lift performance: reservoir/completion/lift gas parameters
* Worst case and expected case designs

4. Gas Lift Design: Positioning the Unloading Valves

* Valve spacing
* Transfer marginsFluid and casing controlled valves
* Shut in fluid column

5. Gas Lift Design: Valve Sizing

* Simple force balance model for valve operation
* Dome pressure setting
* Manufacturers’ valve data
* Test rack opening/closing pressures
* Temperature adjustments
* Valve spread

6. Valve Performance

* Dynamic flow testing
* Gas throughput operating point
* Valve performance curves
* Valve performance modeling
* Gas throughput operating point
* Sensitivity: port size, gas rate, cas/tbg pressures

7. Gas Lift Operations

* Unloading procedures
* Running tools/mandrels
* Gas conditioning
* Gas compression requirements

8. Lift Gas Allocation and Production Optimization

* Prerequisites for lift gas allocation and optimization
* Well performance curves
* Multi well networks
* Manual lift gas allocation example
* History matching and tuning to field data
* Non hierarchical networks

9. Gas Lift Troubleshooting

* Dynamic gas lift simulation
* Pressure instabilities
* System response to lift gas variables
* Cycling and multi pointing
* System response to changing reservoir behavior




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Instructor by : Sudibyo

Gas Lift Design And Operation Training
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