Pelatihan Gas Engine Maintenance


Gas Engine Maintenance* Vast understanding of gas engine system and supercharger technology
* Gain crucial knowledge of fuels optimization and system
* Gain essential knowledge on appropriate operation and functions related to ignition know-how
* Improve analytical and troubleshooting skills on engine failure and maintenance basic procedures
* Able to conduct proper motor or engine monitoring schedule and basic management
* Familiar with turbocharger design, how it works and its advantages.


1. Brief History

* Turbine and Combination Cycles

2. Fundamental Theory Of Gas Engine

* Introduction
* Constant Volume and Pressure
* How Engine Works?
* General Parameters
* Fuels
* Combustion Principles and Characteristics

3. Fuels Distribution and Regulator

* Gas Regulator System
* Gas Regulator Components
* Gas Carburetor
* Valve Controller and Fuels Distributor

4. Fuels Consumption

5. Ignition Principles

* Direct Ignition
* Torch Ignition
* Modern Design


* Mechanical, Rotating, Technicians and Project Engineers
* Operators, and Maintenance Personnel who involved in installation, testing, and maintenance of gas engine system
* Any other technically trained individuals that desire a more in-depth foundation in gas engine technology
* Troubleshooting : How to use the Unit Service Manuals




Case Study


Pelatihan Gas Engine Maintenance
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