Gas Conditioning and Processing Training


Gas Conditioning and ProcessingAfter participate in gas conditioning and processing course, the participants will be able and capable to :
* Understand the basic concept of gas handling processes and operation, and how to operate this technology in field application.
* Diagnostic of gas reservoir performance under actual drive mechanism and future performance with current handling processes.
* Analyze the production potential of reservoir under with actual handling system processes and to plan the better development processes according to reservoir capacity.
* Understand the fundamentals of microscopic and macroscopic aspects and phenomena of gas handling processes and operation.


  1. Introduction to Gas Process and Operation
    * Gas Properties
    * Gas Reservoir Performance
    * Gas Piping System
    * Gas Compression
  2. Total System Analysis
    * Tubing and Flow Line Effect
    * Separator Pressure Effect
    * Compressor Selection
  3. Flow Measuring
    * Orifice Metering
    * Metering System Design
    * Other Metering Methods
  4. Gas Condensate Reservoir
    * Well Testing and Sampling
    * Gas Cycling
  5. Field Operation Problems
    * Pressure Cumulative Production Plot
    * Hydrate Formation
    * Sour Gas Production
    * Corrosion Control With Inhibitors
    * Sulfur Deposition
  6. Gas Processing
    * Field treatment of Natural Gas
    * Gas Plant Operation
    * Gas Dehydration
    * Gas Sweetening


* No specified (Operator/ Sr. Operator/Engineer or Non Engineer)




Case Study



Instructor by : Drs. H. Sutrisno, Bc.M

Gas Conditioning and Processing Training
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