Gas and Oil Fiscal Metering System Training

Gas and Oil Fiscal Metering SystemGas metering systems are used on pipelines to check the values of the gas parameters (flow rate, gas composition) when they are subject to change or when the pipeline crosses a border between two countries.

Many subsystems, such as control rooms, automatic gas analysis laboratories, gas meter runs and gas treatment systems, are designed and integrated to have the required precision and accuracy. In addition, hard weather conditions, maintenance and site erection problems are taken into consideration when designing the system engineering.


This course will give a good insight into oil and gas measurement. It will also give a good understanding of troubleshooting techniques enabling the technician to locate and repair faults. The technician will be given an understanding of the ‘standards’ for metering and how these are achieved by regular validation, and what should be done if an instrument should fail its validation.


1. Orifice Plates for Fiscal Metering

* Introduction to orifice plates
* Manufacture of orifice plates
* Standards and orifice plate sizing
* Meter tube and piping considerations
* Beta ratio
* Piping considerations (ISO 5167)
* Flow and velocity profiles
* Types of flow
* Flow straighteners
* Dealing with low flow rates
* Inspection of orifice plates

2. Gas Fiscal Metering

* Introduction
* Basic application
* A state of the art solution
* Closer metering of a valuable product

3. Fiscal Metering a Glossary

* Flow turndown
* Orifice plate accuracy
* The differential pressure transmitter
* Converting dp error to flow error
* Types of transmitters
* The ‘smart’ transmitter
* Flow turndown with digital output

4. Oil Pumping and Metering

* Oil metering and sampling
* Differential pressure meters
* Flow straighteners
* Turbine meters
* Metering systems
* Meter proving
* Sampling systems
* Pig launching/receiving operations




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Gas and Oil Fiscal Metering System Training
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