Gap Analysis Training

Gap AnalysisGap Analysis training provides the tools to Identify the needs to be done in any project. Gap Analysis as a simple tool helps you identify the gap between your current situation (AS-IS) and the future state (TO-BE) that you want to reach, along with the tasks that you need to complete to close the gaps.

Gap Analysis training provides the process to be applied when developing a Business Case and illustrates what tasks you need to complete to deliver your project.

Gap Analysis compares your current situation with the future state that you want to achieve once your project is complete. By attending the Gap Analysis training, attendees will identify what they need to do to bridge the gap? and make their project a success. Attendees will use Gap Analysis at any stage of their projects to analyze their progress, but its most useful at the beginning.


Learn about Gap Analysis Process and Techniques including :
* What is Gap Analysis?
* What is a Gap Analysis process?
* What does a Gap Analysis Program do?
* How can you obtain and use Gap Analysis data?
* How can I complete a Gap Analysis?
* How to create a Gap Analysis Report?


As an outcome of gap analysis training, program/project gaps will be
identified. Example of gaps, are :

Gap 1: Fragmented system and framework
Gap 2: Outdated training programs
Gap 3:Â Lack of capabilities
Gap 4: Limited employability skill training
Gap 5: Limited staff preparation and qualifications
Gap 6: Lack of resources
Gap 7: Lack of financial resources


1. What is Gap Analysis?

* Goals and Scope
* Gap Analysis Objectives
* Stages of Gap Analysis
* Current vs Target States
* AS-IS vs To-BE
* Using Gap Analysis
* Weights and Effectiveness
* To conduct a Gap Analysis for your project
* Gap Analysis as at the beginning of a project
* Current Situation
* Analyze Your Current Situation
* Identifying What Needs to be Done in a Project
* Identify Your Future State
* Next Actions/Proposals
* Using Gap Data
* Identify How Youll Bridge the Gap

2. SWOT Analysis and GAP Analysis

* SWOT analysis
* GAP analysis
* Internal evaluation to identify performance deficiencies
* long term planning vs short term goals
* Fine tuning one process

3. Quantitative vs Qualitative Current State and Future State

* State Descriptions
* Your Current State
* The Future State
* Bridging the Gap
* Gap Identification
* Gap Description
* Factors and Remedies
* Factors Responsible for Gap
* Remedies, Actions and Proposals

4. Gap Analysis Process across the Organization

* Organization Vision and Strategies
* Business Gaps
* Marketing and Innovation Gaps
* Technology Gaps
* Operation and Capabilities
* Program and Project Management Gaps
* Product Development and Management Gaps
* Business Process Gaps
* Identify the existing process
* Identify the existing outcome
* Identify the desired outcome
* Identify the process to achieve the desired outcome
* Identify Gap, Document the gap
* Develop the means to fill the gap

5. Conducting a Comprehensive Needs Assessment

* Improving Service
* Reduce Cost
* Manage Risks
* Example of Current Focus
* Service Management
* Asset Management
* Virtualization and Consolidation
* Information Infrastructure
* Energy Efficiency
* Security
* Business Resiliency
* How does the business view the Gaps?
* Do Gap Analysis initiatives align with the business strategy?
* Sanity check. Is this where you need to be?
* Adjust desired future states to align business and technology
* Identify and prioritize gaps
* Build roadmaps and plans
* Alignment Focus Area
* Using the Alignment Examination Tool
* Evidence of Support or Challenge
* Indicator
* Support
* Challenge
* Rating the Current Status
* Rating Chart




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Gap Analysis Training
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