Fraud Auditing and Audit Report Writing Training

Fraud Auditing and Audit Report WritingA fraud audit is a meticulous review of financial documents, while one searches for the point where the numbers and/or financial statements do not mesh. Fraud audits are done when fraud is suspected. Some companies do them as a precaution to prevent fraud from happening and to catch it before the offender takes too much money. There is more to a fraud audit, however.

Audit Report Writing teaches the skills needed to write an effective audit report that will elicit action. We will learn best practices and current trends specific to reporting on audit engagements. If you are seeking a more general writing course, we recommend our seminar Effective Writing for Auditors. Participants should bring the raw material for one or more significant audit observations to get the maximum hands-on benefit. Writing exercises are used throughout the course to facilitate learning.


Fraud Auditing

1. Potential Fraud in the Organization
2. Symptoms and Warning Signs of Fraud
3. Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection
4. Management Controls and Approaches Company Policy
5. Obtaining Evidence, Testifying The Financing, Taking Statement And Writing Reports
6. Auditors Role in Building Company Ethics

Audit Report Writing

1. Introduction Audit Report Writing : Assessing Objectives, Readers and Structure of the Audit Report
2. Developing the Audit Observation
3. Receiving Feedback and Revision
4. Creating the Desired Tone
5. Developing a Collaborative, Consultative Style
6. Writing Concisely and Readably
7. Writing Clearly
8. Revising for Parallel Structure




Case Study


Fraud Auditing and Audit Report Writing Training
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