Food Handlers Training

Food HandlersSanitary and hygiene food and drinks/bavarage for public, actually need to requirements and  maintained by cafe, restaurant, or others as catering services in industry or company, so that will not endanger the health of the workers. They needed food handlers who have the understanding and appropriate behavior in processing food to avoid all forms of pollution.

This training is held for food handlers, to comply with legislation and improve the knowledge and awareness of the importance of food handlers hygienic food processing.


The aim of this training are introduction to food safety, the legislation, and how to identify, control or eliminate and report food hazards in the workplace, and also how to implement and process hygiene and sanitary food.


* All owners, managers and supervisors of food service establishments.
* All food service personnel who are responsible for the receiving, preparing and serving of food.


  1.  The Need For Food Safety Training
  2.  Biological Food Contamination
  3.    Foodborne Illness
    * Common foodborne illnesses, their causes and preventative measures
  4.    Health and Hygiene
    * Proper personal hygienic practices and good health
  5.    Serving and Dispensing
    * Proper techniques for food service and display
  6.    Food Protection
    * Safe food preparation and handling procedures
  7.    Receiving and Storage
    * Factors involved in receiving and storing food
  8.    Cleaning and Sanitizing
    * Correct dishwashing facilities, techniques, approved sanitizers and proper utensil storage




Case Study



Instructor By :  Suripno

Food Handlers Training
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