Flushing Engine Training

Flushing EngineA process and apparatus for changing the oil in an engine and/or flushing and scrub cleaning the moveable components in the engine utilizing the internal lube oil distribution system of the engine.

The device includes an oil filter adapter positioned in the oil filter boss, a remote oil filter mounting boss and inlet and outlet hoses connecting the two. The device is mounted in the engine compartment. Suitable pump-out and fill lines are connected to the device and can be releasably attached to an external pump device. When the device is employed to change oil, the external pump device is connected, a brief surge of purge is introduced to remove spent oil remaining in the oil filter and internal lube oil passages and spent oil is removed from the oil pan through the pump-out line. A measured amount of fresh oil is then introduced through the fill line and the internal lube oil distribution system. Once accomplished, the external pump device is uncoupled. When thorough engine cleaning is required, a suitable flushing fluid is introduced under pressure through the fill line, engine filter, and internal oil distribution system after the spent oil is pumped out. The flushing fluid can be recirculated as desired to achieve thorough cleaning and, then, after a brief surge of purge gas is introduced through the filter and lines, the flushing fluid is removed through the pump-out line and the engine filter changed, if designed.


Setelah mengikuti Training Flushing Engine ini, peserta diharapkan memiliki pengetahuan untuk :
* Memahami cara kerja dan prinsip dasar mesin Flush
* Mengetahui kegunaan dan fungsi mesin Flush
* Memahami cara pemeliharaannya
* Mengatasi masalah-masalah kerusakan yang mungkin terjadi


* Reassembly of Drive Module
* Reinstall Drive Module
* Adjusting End Clearance
* Mechanical Seal Installation
* Relief Valve Disassembly
* Relief Valve Troubleshooting
* Servicing High Temperature Greased Bearing Units
* Replacing Bushings
* Lubrication Notes
* Predictive Maintenance




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Flushing Engine Training
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