Flow Assurance for Pipeline System Training


Flow Assurance for Pipeline System1. Identifying and applying fluid characteristics and behavior in the design and operations of pipeline systems
2. Assess the physical behavior of the key flow assurance and integrity challenges: corrosion, hydrate formation, transient behavior and wax deposition
3. Evaluate mechanical integrity of the pipeline
4. How to evaluate the effectiveness of pigging operations and leak detection systems
5. Define the roles and uses of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) in flow assurance


* Introduction to oil and gas fluid transport properties
* Fluid property data and phase determination
* Fluid flow analysis – single and multiphase
* Slug formation and prediction
* Surge analysis
* Corrosion – internal and external
* Hydrate formation and prevention
* Wax formation and deposition, including prevention and remediation
* Asphaltene prediction, scale precipitation and sand production
* Pigging operations
* Leak detection methods and SCADA
* Startup/shutdown issues


1. Flow Assurance Engineer
2. Production Engineer Pipeline Engineer
3. Material Engineer
4. Flow Assurance Engineer




Case Study




Instructor by : Saripudin, ST

Flow Assurance for Pipeline System Training
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