Fixed Income (Money Market) Training


Fixed Income (Money Market)1. Money Market : Factor affecting interest rates, types of yield curve, interest rate convention and mathematics, interbank placement/borrowing, Sertifikat Bank Indonesia (SBI), Treasury Bills, Certificate of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Repo market, Repo SBI, money market mismatch, interest rate gap, negative gaping
2. Bond Market : Government bonds, Corporate debt markets, Eurobond markets, Medium-term notes, Market participants, Secured vs. unsecured bond, Senior vs. subordinated bond, call feature, Covenans, The secondary market
3. The Bond Instrument : The Time Value of Money, Basic Features and Definitions, Present Value and Discounting, Discount Factors, Bond Price and Yield, Accrued Interest Clean and Dirty Bond Prices, Day-Count Conventions
4. Bond Instruments and Interest Rate Risk : Duration, Modified Duration and Convexity, Properties of Macaulay Duration Modified Duration, Convexity, Hedging Bond Positions, Simple Hedging Approaches, Hedge Analysis
5. Bond Pricing and Spot and Forward Rates : Zero-Coupon Bonds, Coupon Bonds, Bond Price in Continuous Time, Fundamental Concepts, Stochastic Rates, Coupon Bonds, Forward Rates, Spot and Forward Yield Curve, Yield Curve Smoothing Smoothing Techniques, Cubic Polynomials, Non-Parametric Methods, Spline-Based Methods
6. Market Risk and Credit Risk Measurement : Defining Value-at-Risk, Cash-Flow Mapping, Estimating volatility, Computing Value-at-Risk, Credit exposure/risk, Default probability, Loss Given Default, Credit Rating Migration, Modeling Credit Risk, Monte Carlo Simulation Credit VaR


Staf senior dan manajer di bidang accounting dan finance, treasury, audit, dan risk management.




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Fixed Income (Money Market) Training
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