Fire Watch Training

Fire WatchThe Fire Watch Program serves as a guideline to watch for hazards after hot work has been performed on a renovation or new construction project on the all industrial facilities. The Fire Watch Program also applies whenever the Fire Alarm System or Automatic Fire Sprinkler System is not operational.


After completing these training the participants will be able to: To the lookout and control of stray fires solely Written fire watch policy Performing Fire watch duty Performing Reporting requirements.


* Written fire watch policy
* The duties employees are to perform
* The equipment employees must be given
* The personal protective equipment (PPE)
* Posting fire watches
* Understanding principle of fire prevention
* Fire classifications (NFPA)
* Fire Extinguishers (types, how to use, precautions, inspection, maintenance, etc.)
* Common Fire Hazards/Causes of Fire
* How can fires be prevented?
* How to fight fires?
* What to do in case of fire?
* What to do in plant emergency?
* Criteria for performing a fire watch (Welding or cutting, Hot work, Combustible materials, Renovations and New Construction)
* Fire Systems (Fire Alarm System, Automatic Sprinkler System, Assigning employees to fire watch duty, Fire watch job description)
* Assigning employees to fire watch duty
* Fire watch job description
* Reporting Requirements
* Fire Watch Notification
* Fire Watch Log
* Training Film Viewing (Fire Extinguisher)
* Practical Fire Extinguisher Exercises
* Plant Emergency Equipment Familiarization




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Fire Watch Training
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