Fire Protection Design & Engineering Training

Fire Protection Design & EngineeringA good and adequate fire protection system installation starts with a good fire protection engineering design. Fire protection engineers use science and technology to protect people and property from fire. When designing new buildings or renovations to existing buildings, fire protection engineers develop the plan for fire protection.

Fire protection engineering has evolved significantly over the past several centuries. Early application of fire protection engineering was intended to prevent conflagrations, which could destroy entire cities. Until the early 1900s, the primary objective of fire protection engineering was to limit a fire to its building of origin. As fire protection engineering advanced, this objective was refined to limit a fire to its object or room of origin.


* Introduction to Fire Prevention & Protection System
* Fire Protection Engineering (FPE)
* Analysis of fire hazards
* Mitigation of fire damage by proper design, construction, arrangement, and use of buildings materials, structures, industrial processes, and transportation systems
* The design, installation and maintenance of fire detection and suppression and communication systems
* Fire Risk Assessment and Audit Techniques
* Development of Fire Emergency Procedure
* Post/fire investigation and analysis.


Senior Executives, Director, Managers and Engineers in the following functions: Plant Operations Managers & Superintendents Fire Safety Officers Quality, Health & Safety Process Operation Procurement Facility Planners




Case Study



Instructor by: DR. Bambang Murtjahjanto

Fire Protection Design & Engineering Training
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