Pelatihan Financial Management and Management Accounting


Financial Management and Management Accounting1. Financial Accounting

* Management and Financial Accounting
* Profit and Loss Account : Cost Summary and Cost of Sales Method
* Balance Sheet, Working Capital and Cash Flow Planning

2. Case Study Financial Planning

* Business Planning Including Financial Impact
* Analysis of Financial Ratios : Profitability, Liquidity and Financial Stability
* Working Capital Management and Financing-Derivation of Measures

3. Value Based Management

* Investment Calculation : Discounted Cash Flow Calculation, Pay Back Period, NPV (Net Present Value), IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
* Investment Portfolio and Strategic Analysis
* WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital), Due Diligence, Shareholder Value, Economic Value Added™, Multiples, Performance Measurement and Bonus Systems

4. Controlling of Overheads-Fixed (Structure) Costs

* Standards of Performance For Services
* Zero Base Budgeting, Overhead Value Analysis
* Activity Based Costing And Pricing

5. Sales and Customer Controlling

* Integration of Strategic and Operational Sales Controlling Tools
* The Sales Profit Center and Its Sales Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators
* Customer Result Account and Portfolios
* Target Costing and Calculation, Customer Value

6. Transfer Pricing and Internal Charging

* Conflict of Interests : Controlling and Tax Optimization
* How Transfer Pricing Rules Influence a Controllers’ Work
* Internal Charging : An Instrument To Optimize The Use of Internal Resources

7. Studi Kasus




Case Study


Pelatihan Financial Management and Management Accounting
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