Pelatihan Failure Modes and Effect Analysis in Engineering

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is methodology for analyzing potential reliability problems early in the development cycle where it is easier to take actions to overcome these issues, thereby enhancing reliability through design. FMEA is used to identify potential failure modes, determine their effect on the operation of the product, and identify actions to mitigate the failures. A crucial step is anticipating what might go wrong with a product. While anticipating every failure mode is not possible, the development team should formulate as extensive a list of potential failure modes as possible.

The early and consistent use of FMEAs in the design process allows the engineer to design out failures and produce reliable, safe, and customer pleasing products. FMEAs also capture historical information for use in future product improvement.


1. Strength Of Materials and Kinds Of Failure

* Importance of failure analysis
* Failures can cause heavy losses
* Conditions for the accurrence of failures

2. Procesdure In Failure Analysis

* Failure analysis items
* Precautions in actual failure analysis
* Methods of removing metal deposits
* Useful literature on failure analysis

3. Inititation and propagation of fatigue cracks

* Characteristics of fatigue failure
* Initiation of latigue crack
* Propagation of fatigue cracks
* Final fracture

4. Case Study and Analysis Of Failure

* Failures occurring about use
* Failure of a crame head sheave hanger
* Failure of a wire rope
* Failure of gears
* Failure of pipeline before service
* Failure starting from welds in machine and equipment
* Failure in rolls


Technician, Production supervisors, production lead personnel, quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, manufacturing managers, contract administrators, procurement personnel, procurement specialists, project managers, project engineers, design engineers, MRB engineers and program managers should attend this training.




Case Study



Instructor by : Victor Malau

Pelatihan Failure Modes and Effect Analysis in Engineering
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