Essential Skills For Administrators Training

Essential Skill For AdministratorsThe programme shows you how to plan and organise efficiently, develop confident communication skills and proactively contribute to the successful achievement of the organisations goals.


* Develop skills and make a greater contribution to your team.
* Become more proactive.
* Communicate confidently and effectively with your manager, colleagues and other departments.
* Deal with the difficulties and pressures of working for more than one person.
* Plan, organise and manage your time more effectively.
* Apply top tips for writing emails and letters.


1. Supporting Your Manager/Department/Team

* How you and your manager can work together to build a team
* Balancing the demands of more than one manager
* Building a successful working relationship with your manager and team members
* Prioritising your workload, being flexible when priorities change

2. Communicating Confidently and Positively

* Communicating face-to-face with confidence
* Projecting a confident and professional image
* Effective listening skills

3. Organisation and Time Management

* Establishing effective procedures – organising diaries and follow up
* Managing your own and your managers time organisation and planning techniques that get you in control
* Organising meetings – key tips
* Saving time using email

4. Writing Clearly and Concisely

* Writing on behalf of others
* Avoiding common mistakes
* Planning and writing emails

5. Communicating Effectively through Assertiveness

* Effective listening and questioning skills
* Building rapport in face-to-face communication
* Identifying passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
* Saying no without feeling guilty

6. Personal Development

* Accepting new responsibilities and challenges with confidence
* An action plan to implement and monitor your development




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Essential Skills For Administrators Training
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