English Contract Drafting Training

English Contract DraftingMaking contract in English is not sometimes easy than in bahasa. This covers terms, phrases and some ruled-governed system that should be followed to complete the contract clauses made as well as special skill required. This training invites those whose daily work contact with the law like legal officer, lawyer, or others.


1. Teknik Membuat dan Menyusun Dokumen Hukum (Legal Drafting)

* Legal Audit dan Legal Opini
* Legal Memorandum dan Legal Advise
* Memorandum of Agreement dan Memorandum of Understanding

2. Legal Translation

* Linguistic Aspect of Legal Translation
* The Issues of Equivalence and Non-Equivalence
* Key Principles, Techniques, Common Mistakes and Pitfalls in Translating Legal Documents
* Translation Accuracy
* Styles in Legal Translation Case Study

3. The Terms and Phrases in Drafting Contracts

* Common Features of The Legal Language
* Accurate Use of Modern Legal English Terminology
* Commercial Terminology
* International Transactions

4. Drafting Contracts

* Guidelines For Drafting With A Modern Style
* Establishing and Applying Best Practice Into Your Legal Drafting
* Analysis of The Structure and Use of Legal English in The Drafting of Contracts
* How To Avoid Typical Mistakes and Bad Habits in Legal Writing
* Implications For Drafting Under Common Vs Civil Jurisdictions
* Dispute Resolutions

5. Simulation

* Formulating Contract Clause Simulation
* Presentation and Discussion




Case Study


English Contract Drafting Training
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