Engineering Economy for Investment and Decision Making

Engineering Economy for Investment and Decision MakingFor operational purposes, there are some alternatives for technical designs that can be developed. After technical analysis has been conducted for the available alternatives then the economic analysis will take a turn to find the most economical one.

Since a technical design will have significant cost and expense in both investment and operational and it will be expected to last in a long period of time, it will be important to see every alternative from the concept of Time Value of Money in form of its Value Equivalent.


After attending this course, participant will gain knowledge and understand:
* The problems in investment decision making
* Time value of money
* Value equivalent (annual and now)
* Economic viability analysis
* Economic life
* Investment decision making


1. Introduction of Engineering Economy

* Engineering Economy Definition
* Problem of Investment Decision Making

2. Time Value of Money Concept

* Time Value of Money Understanding
* Value Equivalency Understanding
* Abbreviation of Equivalency Calculation

3. Value Equivalency

* Equivalency Uniform Annual Cash Flow
* Present Value Equivalency (Present Worth)
* Investment Decision Making based on Value Equivalency

4. Economical Feasibility Analysis

* Net Present Value (NPV)
* Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
* Investment Decision Making based on NPV and IRR

5. Economic Life

* Economic Life Policy
* Investment Decision Making based on Economy Life


Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation

Engineering Economy for Investment and Decision Making
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