Energy Audit And Application Training

Energy Audit And ApplicationThe implementation of energy conservation technique in a company or industry hasn’t been certainly results a significant operation cost saving. It is usually determined by the ratio of investment cost to the cost gained due to saving of energy consumption. How to know the value of ratio, off course, it firstly has to conduct initial study and measurement. Pre-measurement and post- measurement of energy conservation implementation is well known as Energy Audit.


After attending the course it is expected that participant will gain the knowledge and enhance understanding to energy audit, application, and implementation in industry. Tutorial, discussion and exercise of real case study will take an important role in this course.


1. The use and utilization of energy audit
2. Basic equation of energy transfer
3. Basic equation of heat lost
4. Friction lost
5. Electric lost
6. Work and heat calculation
7. Energy transfer calculation technique
8. Physic parameter measurement technique relates to energy lost
9. Technique to collect and record data of energy audit
10. Data analysis and its interpretation
11. Case study and exercise of real field problem


1. Plant , Operation, Production Manager/Superintendent/Engineer
2. Design, and Process Superintendent/Engineer
3. Mechanical , and Electrical Manager/Superintendent/Engineer
4. Maintenance Manager/Superintendent/Engineer
5. Everybody or professional who wants to broaden knowledge or gain benefit from this course




Case Study



Instructor by: Tugino

Energy Audit And Application Training
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