Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Training

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the jargon commonly used to describe the characteristics and appeal of working for an organisation. An EVP describes the mix of characteristics, benefits, and ways of working in an organisation. It is the deal struck between an organisation and employee in return for their contribution and performance. This People Deal characterises an employer and differentiates it from its competition. Most organisations encounter two main problems when it comes to their EVP :
* They struggle to differentiate themselves from their competition. Differentiation is crucial if an organisation is to stand out from the sea of sameness that characterises some sectors
* Their branding is appealing but it does not accurately reflect the reality

An effective EVP enables an organisation to stand out as different but also it ensures that the packaging reflects the contents. All too often people join organisations tempted by the branding and are disappointed when they experience the reality. You know when youve got it right-you become a magnet for talent, and have engaged and motivated employees.


1. Getting the EVP Right
2. What is EVP & the Application
3. What can an EVP do for Your Company
4. Defining and Communicating the EVP
5. From Programs to Branding
6. Be Deliberate and Test for Success
7. Critical Outcomes From an EVP


Staff, Supervisor, Manager in Human Resource Department.




Case Study


Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Training
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