Electrical Power System Analysis Training

Electrical Power System Analysis* Power System Analysis means verifying the adequacy of the power distribution system and it components
* Recognize coordination related disturbances and outages
* Collect the required data to perform a detailed coordination study
* Derive complete protective device settings for some of the simpler electrical power systems that are consistent with NEC requirements.


1. Introduction to Industrial Power Systems

2. Short Circuit Theory and Terminology

* Effects of Short Circuits
* Fault Current Sources
* Machine Reactance
* Fault Current Characteristics

3. Electrical Equipment Ratings

* Fuses
* Circuit Breakers
* Motor Starters
* Conductors and Bus

4. Balanced Fault Calculations

5. Coordination Fundamentals

* Procedures
* Data Collection
* Scaling Factors

6. Plotting Time/Current Curves

* Circuit Breakers
* Fuses
* Time Delay/Instantaneous Relays
* Relay Coordination Intervals

7. Equipment Protection and Coordination

* NEC and ANSI/IEEE Criteria
* Conductors (Low and Medium Voltage)
* Transformers
* Motors e. Conductors (Low and Medium)


This course is intended for anyone who must perform calculations, provide settings or approve the work performed by others. The trainee should be a graduate engineer or have the equivalent practical work experience in electrical power systems.





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Electrical Power System Analysis Training
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