Electrical Power System Analysis Using ETAP Training

Electrical Power System Analysis Using ETAPThis training aims to increase knowledge and insights regarding the power system analysis. To simulate the results of analysis used software applications ETAP. The training focused on analysis of medium voltage electric power network to a low voltage which includes the power flow study, short circuit analysis, Transient and Harmonic analysis so that after the training participants will be able to:
* Improving the knowledge and insight about the condition of Power System operation
* Conducting analysis using ETAP Power Flow
* Conducting analysis using ETAP Short circuit
* Conducting analysis using ETAP Motor Starting
* Conducting analysis using ETAP Transient
* Conduct studies and determine the size of Harmonic Filters


1. Electric Power Grid Representation and Characteristic.

System overview, Elements of Electrical Power System, per-unit System

2. Building One-Line Diagram Using ETAP

Add Elements, Select & Deselect Elements, Element and Connector Colors, Relocate Elements, Cut, Copy, & Paste, Size, Symbol, & Orientation, Protective Devices, Nodes & Buses, Group & Ungroup, Composite Networks

3. Load Flow Calculation Methods

Newton-Raphson, Fast-Decoupled, Gaus-Siedel

4. Load Flow Study Using ETAP

Load Flow Toolbar, Load Flow Study Case Editor, Load Flow Display Options, Load Flow Calculation Methods, Load Flow Required Data, Load Flow Output Reports

5. Fault Calculation Methods

Impedance Method, Symetrical Component Method

6. Short-Circuit Analysis

Short-Circuit Toolbar, Short-Circuit Study Case Editor, Short-Circuit Display Options, Short-Circuit Required Data, Short-Circuit Output Reports

7. Motor Starting Analysis

Motor Starting Methods, Motor Starting Calculation

8. Motor Starting Analysis Using ETAP

Motor Starting Toolbar, Motor Starting Study Case Editor, Info Page, Model Page, Time Event Pages, Add Action by Starting Category, Add Action by Load, Motor Starting Display Options, Motor Starting Calculation Methods, Motor Starting Required Data, Motor Starting Output Reports, Motor Starting Time Slider Toolbar

9. Transient Stability Anaysis

Purpose for Performing Transient Stability Study, Power System Stability Definition, Stability Limits

10. Transient Stability Anaysis Using ETAP

Transient Stability Toolbar, Transient Stability Study Case Editor, Info Page, Events Page, Dyn Model Page, Transient Stability Plots, Transient Stability Required Data, Transient Stability Output Reports, Transient Stability Time Slider Toolbar

11. Harmonic Analysis

Definition, Harmonic Parameters, Harmonic Sources

12. Harmonic Analysis Using ETAP

Harmonic Analysis Toolbar, Harmonic Analysis Study Case Editor, Harmonic Analysis Display Options, Harmonic Analysis Calculation Methods, Harmonic Analysis Required Data, Harmonic Analysis Output Reports, Harmonic Analysis Order-Slider, Harmonic Analysis Frequency-Slider

13. Ligthning & Transformer Analysis

14. Grounding System Analysis

15. Analysis of electrical distribution system

16. Relay setting & Coordination

17. High Voltage Testing

18. Analysis Power System Simulator (PSS) Equipment


The Operators, Technicians, Engineers and Supervisors who want to understand and improve their knowledge in conducting power system analysis.




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Electrical Power System Analysis Using ETAP Training
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