Electrical Installation Cable and Protection Training

Electrical Installation Cable and ProtectionSelection of protection play an important role in order to obtain a good result with the electrical installation . An understanding of technical installation and electrical protection is indispensable in order to obtain optimum results, safe and reliable source of electric power for users. Participants can better understand the technical installation and system protection of low or high voltage electrical installations and also how to maintainance.

The course deals with different types of protection schemes used in large networks and those adopted in industrial plants. It describes some of the important components such as relays, comparators and other protective gears, and techniques and calculations used for their settings. The course also reflects on recent development and what are new in this important field of electricity industry.


* Electrical Engineer / Supervisor
* Instrument Engineer / Supervisor
* Professionals
* Plant Maintenance / Operators / Supervisor / Superintendent


1. Electric power grid representation and characteristic.
2. Type of electric power system configuration and characteristic.
3. Load shedding system and load analysis.
4. Basic calculation in normal condition.
5. Basic calculation in disturbance condition and disturbance analysis.
6. Electrical power system monitoring equipment and selection.
7. Electrical Protection Practice and Basic Technology (Protective Gear. Reliability, Selectivity, Speed, Stability and Sensitivity ,Circuit quantities & conventions , Fault calculations)
8. Fundamental protection concepts : time-inverse , differential , directional impedance, etc
9. Static Relays
10. Circuits using analogue techniques , Digital techniques , Output and Tripping circuits , Electrical Interference , Future trends
11. Relay input sources : VTs, CTs, CVTs,  CCVTs,  optical voltage and current transducers.
12. Bus Protection,
13. Capacitor bank protection.
14. Line protection : directional comparison,  blocking,  unblocking,  transfer trip, etc System stability, reclosing, and load shedding
15. Protection Schemes and substation design diagrams
16. Generator protection
17. Motor protection
18. Transformer protection
19. Differential protection
20. Industrial Power System Protection
21. Installation cable, testing and maintenance of protection systems




Simulation and Animation

Case Study



Instructur by : Tugino and Team

Electrical Installation Cable and Protection Training
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