Electrical Grounding and Lightning Protection Training

Electrical Grounding and Lighting ProtectionLightning is a natural phenomenon that may occur everywhere in the world. Failure to protect critical and strategic such as refinery, oil & gas plant, coal mine, petrochemical plant process, building, etc can cause big lost in productivity and revenue generating. The big lost could be an inferno, heavy damage, and ruin of the plant and its critical equipment. It is even a fatality of electric or thermal shock to human body that could cause a death.


1. Get better understanding of lightning phenomenon especially for people and Industry
2. Better understanding of lightning behavior, characteristic, and protection system
3. Enhance knowledge of grounding system and all aspects
4. Better knowledge of grounding system effect to damage of electrical installation if exposed to lightning hit
5. Better knowledge of specification and assessment of lightning protection system


1. Introduction to the lightning protection and grounding
2. Lightning Phenomenon and its Characteristic
3. Types and specification of lightning protection system
4. Testing of the installated lightning protection system
5. Assessment of the existing system and improvement when necessary
6. Type and characteristic of grounding
7. Effect of grounding system to lightning protection system
8. Lightning protection; ground system design calculation


1. Electric Engineer /Supervisor/ Superintendent
2. Plant Maintenance Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent
3. Plant and Process Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent
4. Safety and Lost Prevention Engineer/Supervisor/Superintendent
5. Electrical and Mechanical Design Engineer




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Electrical Grounding and Lightning Protection Training
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