Pelatihan Early Equipment Management

Early Equipment ManagementThe workshop will include theory, case studies and practical activities on the fully functional process plant at Reaseheath, to reinforce the learning points. This will include :
* MP assessment of a live production asset – Video based case study exercises
* MP Design exercises
* Development of a sample MP implementation programmer
* Personal 90 day action plan

Delegates will take away a comprehensive workbook containing briefing notes and supporting templates so that they can apply MP tools back at the workplace.


1. Raise awareness of Maintenance Prevention principles and techniques, why it is important and how it builds on existing CI and engineering best practice

2. Explain how to set MP standards and use them to identify weak components/mechanisms and improve equipment design to deliver low asset life cycle costs

Help participants to :
* Translate tacit knowledge in to a form which supports equipment design and procurement decisions
* Incorporate MP standards into equipment specification, procurement
* Implementation programmes to reduce equipment life cycle costs and enhance project value.


1. Introduction

* Introduction to workshop/Learning goals
* What is Maintenance Prevention, why is it important
* Case study
* Assessing Asset MP status and improvement priorities
* Identifying weak components and improvement targets
* Equipment Management Projects, What goes wrong?
* Assessing/Designing MP friendly project management processes

2. Knowledge Management

* Collating tacit knowledge
* Developing MP design standards and accountabilities
* Setting triggers for Innovation
* Testing design concepts against MP standards
* Defining and addressing knowledge gaps
* Developing MP friendly high level design specs/evaluating procurement options
* MP Best practice design

3. Delivering Equipment Design Excellence

* Life cycle cost modelling
* Prioritising critical decisions
* Understanding the new shop floor reality
* Stage gate planning, organization and review
* Problem prevention : Team roles and key decisions, Working with vendors/win win alliances and Quality audits
* Enhancing Project Value : Value Engineering (Introduction to Lean Design and Design for Six Sigma), Operations design for low life cycle costs

4. Delivering Flawless Operation

* MP, Operations and preventive maintenance working practices
* Training, skill development and standardization to reduce finger trouble
* Commissioning, test runs and focused improvement
* Technology transfer and documentation management
* Process Optimization and continuous improvement goals

5. Implementing MP friendly practices

* Designing an MP programmer
* Making MP part of your next project Action Planning
* Developing the project vision
* Quality plan milestone design
* 100 day action plan


Pre test



Case Study

Post test


Pelatihan Early Equipment Management
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