E-Recruitment Training

E-RecruitmentHuman resources are a very important resource for organizational activity. Getting the right employees to the right place and at the required time is not an easy thing to do by staff personnel or HR staff in the company. Required a systematic method and follow the rules of the correct recruitment process and the ability to handle problems that arise during the recruitment process becomes an important part to get attention.

e-Recruitment is one of the company staff recruitment system. It provides an on-line solution covering the end-to-end recruitment process, from the requirement to recruit to the appointment of the successful candidate.

In addition to learning the technical aspects of the recruitment system, the course also teaches recruiters the correct processes to follow, identifies the different roles and how they interact with the system, their data protection responsibilities and role in ensuring the company adheres to its duty of ensuring all staff who work here are eligible to work.


* Introduction : Benefit Of E-Recruitment
* Employee Requirements Planning Techniques (quantitative and qualitative)
* Recruitment Source Management and Managing vacancies on the e-Recruitment system
* E-Recruitment
* How to design to get you up to speed on Online Recruitment in general
* How to use Web/Internet to the optimilized of e-Recruitment
* E-Recruitment Process Evaluation
* Recruitment strategy based on the right man in the time, right place, right track, and right culture
* Study Case




Case Study


E-Recruitment Training
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