Drilling Technology Fundamental Training

Drilling Technology FundamentalThis course will update the participants with both fundamentals and up-to date technology of drilling. It presents up-to date information on drilling rig types and personnel. Rig systems, preparing for drilling and drilling operations different types of casing and their design, cementing practices hole problems, and horizontal and directional drilling are covered in the course. Possible problems and hazards associated with drilling will be reviewed. Practical cases that both the instructor and the attendees have come across will be analyzed and discussed.


* Understand The Fundamentals of Different Types of Drilling Technology
* Understand The Different Rig Types and Personnel Types
* Prepare for Drilling Operations
* Identify Rolling Cutter Bit and Drag
* Identify Drilling Fluids, Casting Design and Cementing
* Understand Well Control and Completion
* Understand Hole Completion


1. Rig Types and Personnel

* Types of Rigs
* Land Rigs
* Rig Components
* Offshore Rigs
* Jack Up Rigs
* Submersible Rigs
* Platform Rigs
* Semi-Submersible Rigs
* Drill Ships
* Rig Personnel
* Land Rig

2. Rig Systems

* Hoisting System
* Rotating System
* Circulating System
* Control System
* Power System

3. Preparing for Drilling and Drilling Operation

* Well Design
* Constructing Rig Location
* Location Preparation
* Leveling
* Cellar
* Access Roads
* Pits
* Rig Move
* Drilling Hole
* Running Casing and Cementing
* Completing the Well

4. Rolling Cutter Bit

* Bit Types
* Specification
* Grading Worn Bit
* Bit Performance

5. Drag Bits

* Specifications
* Grading Worn Bit
* Bit Performance

6. Drilling Fluids

* Types and Components
* Properties
* Testing Equipment
* Selection

7. Casing Design

* Casing Types and Grades
* Casing Loads
* Casing Design

8. Cementing

* Cement Types
* Cement Properties and Additives
* Cementing Operations

9. Hole Problems

* Lost Circulation
* Stuck Pipe
* Kick

10. Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling

* Causes of Drilling
* Well Profiles
* Tools Used for Drilling
* Trajectory Monitoring

11. Well Control

* BOP’s
* Chock Manifold
* Accumulators
* Inside BOP

12. Well Completion

* Completion Configuration
* Completion Equipment
* Perforation




Case Study


Drilling Technology Fundamental Training
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