Drilling Production Safety Training


Drilling Production Safety* Safety Drilling : Emergency Situation, Drilling Hazards, Logging Activity, Explosion Storage, Stored Energies, Integrate Drilling Services
* Exploration (Seismic, Reservoir, Rocks)
* Drilling/Pengeboran : Types of Drilling, Well Service & Work Over, Drilling Component, Well Construction, Drill Strings
* Well Completion : Equipment, Type of Well Completion, X mas Tree, Flanges & Connection, Safety Devices, Choke, Well Head Test
* Flow Line : Classification, Materials Need Flow Line, Design Flow Line, Manifold
* Gathering System : Typical Offshore Gathering Platform, Oil & Gas Processing, Storage Barge, SBM, Loading & Unloading Crude Oil
* Oil & Gas Processing : Primary & Secondary Recovery Process, Reservoir Power, Production Method, Offshore Production Operation
* Separator (Principal, Phases, Construction, Function)
* Instrument & Measurement : Process Variable, Type of Valves, Control Valves, Pressure Valve
* Operations Problems : Surface, Subsurface, Causing Production Loss, Type of Problems
* Pumps : Types, Classifications, Functions




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Drilling Production Safety Training
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