Design Building Foundation Training

Design Building FoundationFoundation is the base of any structure. Without a firm foundation, the structure cannot stand. That is the reason why we have to be very cautious with the design of foundations because our entire structure rests on the foundation. The strength of the foundation determines the life of the structure. As we discussed in the earlier article, design of foundation depends on the type of soil, type of structure and its load.

This course deals with all aspects of modern good practice in foundation design. These include: the importance of both the geological and geotechnical aspects of the ground conditions, current limit analysis methods for bearing capacity, and definition of factors of safety. The various settlement analyses and their underlying assumptions and reliability are discussed, together with a thorough treatment of the design of piled foundations.


* Have a working knowledge needed for design of shallow, intermediate, and deep foundation systems and their interacting soil behaviors
* Know how to estimate and control settlements and handle or modify difficult soil conditions
* Become more effective on your job understand basic concepts for planning, design, and construction of a wide range of foundation systems


1. Soil Engineering Principles for Foundation Design
2. Site Investigations and Specifications for Foundations
3. Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) in Geotechnical Practice
4. Settlements of Foundations on Sands and Clays
5. Bearing Capacity for Shallow Foundations
6. Foundation Construction on Problem Soils (organic soils and peats, collapsing and expansive soils, quick clays, and other problem materials)
7. Ground Modification (in-place, controlled manufacturing of ground materials to form part of soil system)
8. Driven Pile Foundation Design and Analysis
9. Design, Construction and Testing of Micro-Piles
10. Application of Dynamic Methods to Pile Foundation Design and Construction Control
11. Rammed Aggregate Pier Systems : Design and Construction
12. Drilled Shaft and Pier Foundation Design and Analysis
13. Design and Construction : Wind Turbine Foundations
14. Design of Machine Foundations
15. Reinforced Concrete Design of Shallow Foundations


* Civil and structural engineers and designer
* Soils and foundation engineer
* Public works professional
* Project engineers and managers
* Contractor
* Engineers-in-training
* Architectural engineers and architects




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Design Building Foundation Training
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