CSR Sustainability Reporting Training

CSR Sustainability ReportingCSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been progressing in such a way. Many industries are increasingly recognizing the importance of CSR is to the sustainability of their business, thereby allocating power and no small costfor this program. Including the oil and gas industry. CSR program evaluation in the management system, it is important to measure the success and effectiveness. Evaluation is also important to know the role that CSR programs have been implemented to give effect tothe stakeholders.

Forth is reason the understanding of CSR andits methodology of evaluation in dicators to be important for the instigators of this CSR program. Perceptions of the parties on the implementation of CSR programs also rely on the reporting package. In this casehas developed various standards of conduct and reporting of CSR in the form of sustainability reporting. Sustainability Reporting? is a broad term considered synonymous with other used to describe reporting on economic, environmental,and social impact (e.g. triple bottom line, corporate responsibility reporting,etc).Beside ISO 26000 and the Environmental Performance Rating Program (PROPER) as guidelines, the GlobalReporting Initiative (GRI) is a tool (reporting guideline) which focuses on standardizing the reporting on social responsibility and sustainability.

Through this training is expected to deepen the knowledge and skills of the CSR program evaluation methods. Beside that to examine more deeply about how to make a good sustainability report based on GRI guidelines. It is expected that this understanding will enhance the capa city of the business(corporate) in sustainability reporting framework.


* Understanding the basic philosophy of the program and its urgency CSR evaluation andreporting
* Understand the methods and techniques of program evaluationCSR
* Understanding of Sustainability Reporting Framework and CSR reporting standards
* A better understanding of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.


1. CSR Basic Principle and Overview

* Definition And CSR & CD Position In Sustainable Development
* Standard of CSR : ISO 26000, GRI and IFC
* CSR/CD Regulation inIndonesia
* Typology CSR implementation in Indonesia

2. Evaluation CSR Program

* Why need evaluation CSR/CD program
* Planning of evaluation
* How to evaluation CSR/CD program : method and tools
* How to make Program Indicators
* Using evaluation Result for develop CSR/CD Program
* How to communicate evaluation result to stakeholder

3. Reporting of CSR Program

* Standard of reporting CSR/CD program
* What is Sustainability Reporting?
* Step by step develop the Sustainability Report
* Standard Disclosure
* Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Practice
* Overview reporting guidelines: PROPER, ISO 26000,GRI
* Preparing good and reliable sustainability/CSR report.
* Analyzing sustainability/CSR report.




Case Study



Instructor by : Riyanti W. Lestari

CSR Sustainability Reporting Training
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