Pelatihan CSR and Community Development Program : Monitoring and Evaluation

Pelatihan csr and community developmentCSR programs focus on disadvantaged communities or poor society done for the purpose or objectives in accordance with its objectives. Therefore this training will discuss how to plan, implementation and monitoring CSR program that focuses on improving the economy for disadvantaged communities. Expected constituent CSR program can make programs participatory beneficial to increase social welfare and sustainable, so as to assist the government in alleviating poverty.


Participants understand and be able to plan, monitoring and evaluation of implementation of CSR programs for the empowerment of the poor.


* The scope of CSR and Community Development Program
* Steps of CSR Program
* Need Assessment
* CSR planning program
* Mapping the potential and barriers
* Make the framework program (logframe)
* Planning activities within the program
* Case Studies and Practice


Managers and staff of public relations, corporate secretary, corporate communications or other employees who perform the function of public relations to maintain the image of the company and its products, division/section or designing and implementing CSR programs, the Department/Government offices who become partners in the implementation of CSR, as well as the general public who are interested in this program.




Case Study



Instructor by : Riyanti W and team

Pelatihan CSR and Community Development Program : Monitoring and Evaluation
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