Crime Prevention Training

Crime PreventionCrime Prevention Course for law enforcement professionals interested in beginning crime prevention initiatives or those interested in refreshing their knowledge. Effective Crime Prevention has been seen as a key strategy in reducing crime and violence in our communities. his comprehensive course is designed to address local community issues ranging from physical security to violence prevention. The course is tailored to the needs of today’s crime prevention and community policing practitioners, and places great emphasis on programmatic initiatives giving the practitioners the knowledge, tools and resources to do their jobs successfully.

Crime Prevention is the anticipation, recognition and the appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it. Crime Prevention means working in partnership, rather than in isolation, and working with concerned citizens to address ways to prevent crime and drug abuse. It means communities and individual citizens learning how to protect themselves and to work together to keep their neighborhoods crime and drug free. It means law enforcement working with communities, businesses, and service organizations to develop action plans based on information about crime and other problems.


1. History Theory of Practice of Crime Prevention : Historical Overview, Theory and Practice
2. Proffesioan Resources & Development : Community Programs, Youth Issues and Program, Crime Analysis, Crime Prevention Marketing, Presentation and Facilitation, Time Management, Identity and Nurture Potential Leaders, Challenges.
3. Homeland Security : Emergency Response Security
4. Physical Security : Burglary Prevention, Facility Security, Farm/Rural Crime Prevention, Loss Prevention, Crime Prevention Thorough Enviromental Design.
5. Personal Safety and Security : Personal Safety, Crime Prevention
for Youth,Crime Prevention for Seniors, Prevention of Cyber Crimes, Violence Prevention


1. Crime Prevention Practitoners and Loss Prevention Managers
2. Crime & Loss Prevention Professionals Interested in Refreshing their Knowledge
3. Community Policing Officer, DARE officers, School Resources Officers and other interested law enforcement personnel
4. Citizens Involved in Community Policing or Crime Prevention efforts
5. Chiefs & Sheriff’s interested in starting Crime Prevention Programs in their Communities




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Instructor by: Alex Simon

Crime Prevention Training
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