Corrosion Testing and Management Methods Training

A large amount of the unforeseen incidents that occur in process plants are related to corrosion and erosion, and corrosion management is therefore essential to maintain the integrity of the facility.

As the requirements for improved productivity and cost effectiveness increase, combined with an increased attention to safety and environmental issues, activities related to corrosion management play an increasingly important role.

Safe operation depends on preventing loss of containment, however cost savings are also obtained through managing critical parameters and activities related to corrosion and material degradation.

Corrosion testing & monitoring techniques play a key role in efforts to combat corrosion, which can have major economic and safety implications. This course starts with a review of corrosion fundamentals and provides comprehensive analysis of a wide range of methods for corrosion testing & monitoring methods, including practical applications and case studies.

To improve participants knowledge of corrosion of metal elements integrated in industrial equipment. On completion of the course, participants will know the main characteristics and types of corrosion encountered in the metal materials used in industrial equipment and facilities, be aware of the means of protection against such corrosion, know how to take the necessary measures for monitoring the state of corrosion of the equipment. This course will provide the participants with a thorough understanding of the basic principles and the practical applications of some simple yet powerful techniques in corrosion testing and monitoring


* Basics of Corrosion Measurements
* Risk Assessment
* Inspection Management
* Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring
* Process Monitoring
* Corrosion Testing and Monitoring Techniques
* Chemical Treatment
* Surface Protection
* Cathodic Protection
* Condition Evaluations / Failure Analysis
* Recommendations of Corrective and Preventive Actions


Corrosion practitioners, researchers, designers, technical managers, inspection and maintenance engineers, quality control personnel and those involved in failure analysis to update their appreciation of modern techniques for corrosion testing and monitoring




Case Study



Instructor by : Marijo

Corrosion Testing and Management Methods Training
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