Corrosion And Scale Control Training

Although corrosion and scale form in very different ways, if their development is left unchecked, the outcome is often the same: catastrophic failure or severe fouling, rendering equipment unsafe or inefficient. The resulting expense associated with these problems can be huge, but they can be cost-effectively controlled by good water treatment.

Over the last 30 years and more, Feedwater Ltd has developed an extensive range of products and services to help our customers overcome the problems of scale formation and corrosion. Every year, we literally save them millions of pounds in repair and replacement costs, wasted energy and lost production. We can do the same for you.


1. Water softeners

Prevent Limescale from hard water by installing a water softener, more information can be found on our softeners page by visiting the water softener page.

2. Cooling water inhibitors

Cooling water treatment inhibitors can be used to extend the solubility of hardness salts in order to prevent scale formation, others can be used to impede corrosion. More information can be found on our cooling water page.

3. Boiler water treatments

Scale formation in boilers can be rather more serious, caused by insoluble salts, calcium and magnesium the formation of scale in boilers can cause severe damage and harm, inhibitors for scale and corrosion should be used to operate boilers safely and efficiently.

4. Closed system treatments

More information on scale and corrosion control for Building Services can be found here.

5. Chemical cleaning

When a system has become choked with scale, corrosion products or microbiological fouling then action should be taken, follow the link to see details on chemical cleaning services.




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Instructor by: Victor Malau

Corrosion And Scale Control Training
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