Pelatihan Corporate Relationship Management



* Be able to explain the goals and objectives of the Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) role
* Understand why the CRM role is gaining importance and how it is evolving in response to business and provider forces
* Explain the concepts of Business Demand Maturity and Provider Supply Maturity and how these impact the CRM role
* Understand the Drivers of Relationship Maturity and be able to differentiate between tactical and strategic CRM roles and how these relate to order taker, trusted consultant and strategic business partner
* Understand the Operating Model and how it relates to Corporate Relationship Management


* Understanding ‘Demand Shaping’ as a means to increase value realization from provider investments, service and assets
* Be able to use a Strategic Relationship Management process and techniques to strengthen business partner and provider relationships
* Understand how and where to engage in your business partner’s decision cycle
* Co-develop, with your business partner, a Relationship Strategy-on-a-page as a mutual Relationship Contract


* Understand the concepts of Value Leakage and the CRMs role in minimizing this
* Understand the concepts of Capability Roadmaps and how these are derived from business strategy
* Understand the concepts of Value Vanagement and how these link business strategy, provider strategy, portfolio and the business case to shape priorities, communicate and drive business value
* Be able to use business outcomes to clarify strategic initiatives, manage scope and determine value metrics


* Understand how portfolio management is the central mechanism for a value management process
* Understand how to apply portfolio management to the entire life cycle of provider investments, from managing new investments, optimizing existing investments and retiring old investments
* Understand the relationships between project, program and portfolio management and how these work together to optimize business value
* Be familiar with two common portfolio asset classification schemes and how they are applied to achieve portfolio balancing
* Understand how governance processes and structures are used in support of portfolio management


* Understand what is meant by business transition management, why it is important to CRM, and the components of a business transition capability model
* Understand how to create urgency for stakeholders
* Understand the key roles to be orchestrated for successful business transition
* Understand key change leadership concepts
* Understand the importance of clarifying the change details and typical methods for achieving clarity


* Understand the value-centric definition of a service
* Understand the important distinctions between Products and Services and the implications for the CRM
* Understand the different aspects of service value and how service provider constraints impact the role of the CRM


* Understand the components of ‘powerful communications’
* Understand how to influence those over whom they do not have direct control
* Be able to express themselves through a unique value proposition




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Instructor by : Ratna Sesotya W

Pelatihan Corporate Relationship Management
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