Control of Hazardous Substance Training


Many  workers  in  the pharmaceutical, chemical, consultancy and other industries  are  aware  of  the  BOHS  (British  Occupational  Hygiene Society) Occupational  Hygiene  Modules. On completion delegates will understand  the  processes  that  give  rise  to  hazardous  substance exposure  in  the  workplace,  and  learn  about the methodologies and technologies  required  to  control  them.  They  will  understand the effectiveness  and  limitations  of local exhaust ventilation systems, and  be  able  to  perform  the  necessary  measurements  in  order to determine if they are operating effectively.


These  modules  are  intended either for those who need expertise in a particular  area  of  Occupational  Hygiene,  or for those who wish to complete the six modules (four core and two optional) as a group, as a route  to  gaining  a  professional  qualification  as an Occupationa Hygienist.


* Hazardous Substance Use and Processes
* Workplace Control Principles
* Process Design and Principals
* Ventilation Systems and Performance Assessment
* Personal Protective Equipment
* Administrative Elements


   Case Study
Control of Hazardous Substance Training
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