Effective Costing, Cash Flow Management and Budgetary Control

Effective Costing Cash Flow Management and Budgetary ControlA company cannot plan unless it understands its costs. By understanding the various facets of the cost accounting process, Managers and Executives will be able to create an efficient cost analysis system to better control and measure an enterprise business functions and bottom line.

This Training is designed to discuss the main features of cost and management accounting and its applications in a business enterprise. It is essential for Managers and Executives of a firm to know how cost accounting information can be organised, so that quality decisions could be made. As the focus is on decision making process, participants would not be required to understand the bookkeeping process and the preparation of financial statements.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to;
1. Have an overview of cost and management accounting
2. Learn the differences between marginal costing and absorption costing
3. Understand budgeting and variance analysis
4. Learn the application of costing in business decision making
5. Know how to apply various analytical techniques to make quality decisions


1. Overview of Cost and Management Accounting

2. Differences Between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting

3. Costing Concepts and Purposes

4. Differences Between Marginal Costing and Absorption Costing

5. Gross Profit Concept

6. Contribution Margin Concept

7. Budgeting and Variance Analysis

8. Interpretation of Material Variance

9. Interpretation of Labour Variance

10. Investigation of Variance

11. Application of Costing in Business Decision Making

12. Cost Volume Profit Analysis

13. Acceptance of Special Order

14. Make-or-Buy Decisions

15. Closing or Continuance of a Section or Product

16. Activity Based Costing

17. Cash Flow Versus Profit

18. Definition of Profits

19. Subjective Judgments Influencing The Profit Figures Accounting Rules Explained Accrual, Matching and Prudence Concepts

20. Linking The Financial Statements

21. The Link between the Three Financial Statements Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement.

22. Structure of Cash Flow Statement Operating Activities, Investing Activities and Financing Activities

23. Preparing The Cash Flow Statement

24. Analysing Business Performance

25. Using The Published Financial Statements of Listed Companies, This Session Demonstrates and Interprets The Financial and Operating Performance of These Enterprises in terms of :

* Profitability
* Liquidity
* Sustainability
* Investment Value

26. Cash Flow Budgeting

27. Planning and Developing an Annual Budget

28. Forecasting and Projection of Future Activities Operating, Investing and Financing Preparing Operating Activity Budgets

29. Preparing Cash Flow Budget

30. Cash Flow Strategy for Business

31. Key Consideration in Cash Flow Management

32. Factors to be Considered When Designing an Effective Cash Flow System


Managers and Executives who do not work in accounting but who need to know how basic accounting work and apply accounting related techniques when making business decisions.




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Effective Costing, Cash Flow Management and Budgetary Control
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